Benefits of Going Vegetarian

By Alicia Dawn Peterpaul

A vegetarian diet has many health benefits! Studies have shown us that a plant-based diet can lower an individual’s risk for high blood pressure, obesity, cancer, arthritis and diabetes, in turn, making you LIVE LONGER! Aside from vegetarianism’s amazing health benefits you will also find yourself feeling more energetic, saving money and helping the environment.
A study was conducted by The Oxford Vegetarian, it involved 5000 omnivores, and 6000 vegetarians, the results were merely astonishing! The individuals were from the U.K. and were monitored for twelve years on average. Researchers found that Vegetarians were living longer! (Lindbloom, 2009) The rate of death from Heart Disease was a whopping twenty-four percent lower in that, of individuals, who lived a vegetarian lifestyle. This study has also proved that a plant-based diet is also beneficial for those who suffer from arthritis. (Lindbloom, 2009)
Science has also proven to us that vegetarianism is likely to lower the risk for colon and prostate cancer, while leaving less fatalities behind from every other type of cancer. A vegetarian diet is beneficial for colon and prostate cancer in particular, because plant based materials are not as hard on the digestive system. However, thanks to the high-high-number of antioxidants in a vegetarian diet among other things, it reduces the risk of cancer in general as well. Studies have also shown us that a vegetarian diet not only lowers the risk of diabetes, but also from the amount of mortalities from diabetes. The insulin responses appreciate a vegetarian diet, as they are more likely to consume foods with a low glycemic index. (Rajaram and Sabate, 2000) Harvard Health Publications, has proven that a plant-based diet may lower the risk of obesity in all ages. Obesity puts its victims at risk high systolic and diastolic blood pressure. but a vegetarian diet reduces that risk due to a lower sodium intake and a higher potassium consumption, as it also helps with weight loss. (Harvard Health Publications, 2014)
Aside from being good for the body itself a vegetarian diet is also beneficial for environment, because it decreases the demand for livestock, which take a toll on the ecosystem to raise (i.e.: deforestation), and the transportation that creates fossil fuel emissions. (Ha and de Souza, 2015) In addition to all of the amazing benefits to a vegetarian diet, they also happen to be cost effective! It is easier on your wallet because meat is often very expensive to produce, and also to purchase. (Stein, 2004)
If you have ever considered going vegetarian, I encourage you now, that you have all of the scientific proof of the benefits of a plant-based diet, to give it a try!

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