Is Immigration To Blame For The Rise of Far Right Populism in Europe?

  By Alicia Peterpaul Immigration is the key factor to the far-right populism in Europe, along with a few others. Also, that being part of the European Union does in fact undermine individual state autonomies in European countries. In reference to the policy autonomy in the Europe, the Eurozone actually happens to undermine it more… Continue reading Is Immigration To Blame For The Rise of Far Right Populism in Europe?

How Did the Cold War End?

By Alicia Dawn Peterpaul The result of the end of the Cold War was a combination of many things. First, I will explain just how destructive nuclear weapons have the potential to be when used. I will use the Hiroshima bombing as an example to present the after effects from the radiation. Then, I will… Continue reading How Did the Cold War End?

Benefits of Going Vegetarian

By Alicia Dawn Peterpaul A vegetarian diet has many health benefits! Studies have shown us that a plant-based diet can lower an individual’s risk for high blood pressure, obesity, cancer, arthritis and diabetes, in turn, making you LIVE LONGER! Aside from vegetarianism’s amazing health benefits you will also find yourself feeling more energetic, saving money… Continue reading Benefits of Going Vegetarian

International Environmental Agreements (IEAs)

Written By: Alicia Dawn Peterpaul International Environmental Agreements (IEAs) very well may be the policy instruments that we will need to mitigate climate change. IEAs are very useful policy instruments because climate change is a global issue that does not discriminate, everyone is equally at risk, and already seeing the results of climate change to… Continue reading International Environmental Agreements (IEAs)